Korea Cubically Imagined

I had the chance to go to a sold out exhibition called Korea Cubically Imagined that was organized and sponsored by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) https://www.kocca.kr/en/main.do. The KOCCA is a governmental agency that oversees and coordinates the promotion of the Korean content industry, was established in May 2009 by integrating five related organizations, including the Korean Broadcasting Institute, the Korea Culture & Content Agency, and the Korea Game Agency. It is a “an immersive exhibition” of visuals that represents Korea’s diverse energetic culture through the country’s most creative minds at work showing the past, present and future through technology. This exhibition was previously held in Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow and Beijing and is currently on tour in the United States, starting with New York City.

Visuals Visuals Visuals

The exhibition has 15 various representation of the Korean Wave shown through the use of AR, VR and 3D format. Audio, visuals and a VR experience from BTS that includes music and video from their 2020 MOTS:ON online concert, and a VR experience in which you can chose to watch clips from the concert of either DNA or Dope. I chose Dope, and it was so much fun to experience the “elevator ride” in VR.

Next was a 3D experience from the Oscar award winning movie Parasite that included scenes from the movie that transitioned into one another. Director Bong Joon Ho and his art team had creative license when asked to create this experience for audiences. It even included sights and sounds from the basement. If you’ve seen the movie then you know what I mean and it was creepy and chilling and so cool. Hands down one of my favorite parts of the exhibition.

I can not fully describe the artwork in motion that was presented at the exhibition. Enclosed with all white walls, you are encased in the Royal Procession with the People or in Climbing Mt. Geumgang from the National Museum of Korea, Next your eyes are filled by EASYWITH: Moment In Art, colorful digital artwork by d’strict with ETERNAL NATURE: Jungle & Flower. To finish it all off with Design Silver: We live with the Household Gods, Dynamic Seoul and Welcome to Delight that gave us colorful and beautiful representations of Korea’s past, present and future through graphics.

An amazing 3D/VR gaming experience with ROOMTONE: In The Gray. It has you engrossed in an episode occurring between two characters with artificial consciousness in the process of learning. It’s a really marvelous interactive experience that pulls you in from the moment you put on the goggles and pick up the controls.

An Unique Opportunity

Since this Korea Cubically Imagined is not a fixed exhibition it is with out a doubt a privilege to be able to reserve a ticket to see it in person. Tickets are free and timed due to limited space and you can find them via Eventbrite, but quantities are limited. They do allow for walk ups based on availability depending on time and day. For more information on the next stop on the tour, Washington DC in the U.S. you can go to their Instagram page @cubicallyimagined. I was able to talk with and meet people that came into New York just for the chance to see the exhibition. I also had the opportunity to speak for a bit with Mimi who works for KOCCA and had just come into the United States two weeks prior from South Korea. She and all of the personal there were friendly, helpful, willing to take pics of you if you were solo, and answered as many questions about the instillations as much as possible. If you get the change to go, do yourself a favor and make the time. Who knows when this opportunity will come again.

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