Okay so hear me out: Park Seo Joon and Marvel

It has been recently rumored by StarNews Korea that actor Park Seo Joon has been added to the cast of Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels. It has yet to be confirmed by Marvel/Disney Studios if he has indeed been cast. His agency has only stated “No Comment” when asked about this rumor. In the world of Marvel this is basically the equivalence of, “We can’t talk about it because we’ll get sued, but maybe, WINK, WINK”!

At first the geek/nerd girl in me was thrilled and so excited for the possibility of one of my favorite Hallyu actors to be cast in a Western movie, let alone a Marvel movie. Then after a few hours of telling anyone who would listen to me about the news, I started really thinking. A part of me is so happy that mainstream Western audiences will get to see the wonderfully talented Park Seo Joon. I mean, he is the full package of stardom. If you’re not familiar with his work just go watch dramas such as Fight For My Way, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Itaewon Class. Or any of his movies such as Midnight Runners and The Divine Fury.

However, a part of me is also a bit selfish and afraid. I don’t want Western media to use him as the next “see, look… DIVERSITY”. The usual questions of “How difficult was it for you to adjust to America” or the winner of all comments “oh wow, your English is really good”. This man is so damn talented it would make me mad to hear questions like these. Park Seo Joon and so many other Asian actors are more than a quota check mark or a novelty act for Western films.

I am so thankful that he is able to join the likes of other Asian actors coming out in block buster Western films this year such as Ma Dong Suk, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani in Eternals, Simu Liu, Akwafina in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Henry Golding in G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes. All I can hope for is that Western media will give Park Seo Joon the respect that he deserves as an already established actor and for the artist that he already is.

Yes, and maybe I’m just paranoid in thinking there will be any of the problems or issues I’ve mentioned. Maybe it’s because I have seen time and time again the insensitive and often ignorant questions brought up by some mainstream media outlets. What I do know is that the addition of Park Seo Joon to any movie is a blessing. I’m still giddy with excitement to see him finally announced as a part of the project, for the first of many press conferences and for the spotlight on him to shine even brighter. Here’s hoping for the best!! FIGHTING!!!

Until next time……

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