This blog was created for people like myself. I am a 35+ woman (ajumma) of color (melanin) who loves Korean Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Dramas, Movies and culture.

Often times I find that other blogs or platforms are filled with young people who share the same love of Korean entertainment and culture. Unfortunately I also find those platforms to lack a certain maturity. I’m not about the fan wars, which group you should “stan” more, or “cancelling” someone based on superficial thinking.

Also… I like to curse and sometimes want to talk dirty. LOL. I’m always careful when I comment, knowing that there are younger people on these sites. I know a lot of them are probably saying or doing worse than I could, but still.

This blog is still a work in progress. Not sure how often I’ll post, but all are welcomed. It’s just not for people of color, or just women, but for the mature fan to be able to speak freely and openly about the stuff we love.

****Please understand that I am not a professional writer and what I write about are my opinions, ideas, thoughts, and commentary. I try my best to give an open and fair view, however from my perspective. I do research facts as best as possible and add facts to my post. However, they will be based on my ability to translate the information has given. I ask that read with an open mind and I welcome comments for discussion. I just ask that you are respective of everyone’s opinions. Debate is good, but respect is better.****

Until next time…

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